5 May 2013

At Skoda Construction, Inc. we offer a wide range of services to best fit the needs of our customers on a daily basis.  Customer satisfaction is our first priority!


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Our Team

01 January 2013

About Us

“I have used Chris a number of times over the years on projects ranging from commercial and residential to multi family (5 story) and found his work to be of high quality. If he commits to take on a project he will see that it happens and will work until the customer is happy. You always get 150% of Chris.”


Joe Loconti
January 30, 2012

When you first decide to work with Skoda Construction, you can expect to feel as though you are a part of our family.  Our friendly team will work with you to design, build and create your vision!

Skoda Construction  Inc.

Quality Service, Affordable Price and Attention to Detail

“I have worked with Chris on multiple commercial retail build outs, roofing work and other various projects and highly recommend him. Chris is a top quality contractor with very reasonable pricing and always delivers on time. It is a pleasure to deal with him, as he is very honest and there are never any hidden surprises. He is my preferred contractor in all cases."


Robin Liberatore
January 30, 2012


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25 September 2013